We have recently changed the name of our organization to the Civil Engineering Alumni Society at The Ohio State University. We were formerly known as  the Civil Engineering Alumni Association.

Buckeye Our organization plays a role in the academic endeavors of the College of Engineering, the Civil Engineering Department and Civil Engineering students by supporting occasional technical seminars and other events related to our field, and by sponsoring departmental scholarships. We also hold several social events throughout the year to facilitate networking among alumni, students and faculty.

Keep up with CE Department, Student and alumni association news that is pertinent to our group. Read the meeting minutes for OSUCEAS board meetings.

Read a letter from Allison MacKay, Ph.D. Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering. She provides a concise overview of recent Department achievements and news.

Read a letter from Patrick Ellis, President of the Civil Engineering Alumni Society. He provides an overview of CEAS accomplishments and the benefits of membership.

Upcoming Events

Aug 03 1:00pm

30th Annual Golf Outing

Please join us for our 30th Annual Golf Outing for the Student Scholarship Fund. Register here: https://connect1.osu.edu/alumni/events/30th-annual-ohio-state-civil-engineering-alumni-society-golf-outing Format: Four Person Scramble. Beginners and experts welcome!…