Board Members

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President: Patrick K. Ellis P.E. ’75
Vice President: Greg Boyer, P.E. ’85
Secretary: David E. Straub ’89
Treasurer: Angela Trautman ‘13
Past President: Boris E. Slogar P.E. ’89
Student Representative: Dan Rinehart
Department: Allison MacKay, Ph.D., Chair
Society Representative: Julie Fridley

Board of Governors – Terms are for 4 years

Term Ending 2021

Gregory T. Boyer P.E. ’85 – Bio
William D. Coombs P.E. ’62
Kevin Lathan ‘89
Kimberly H. Seidelmann ’04, ’06 – Bio
Boris E. Slogar P.E. ’89

Term Ending 2022

Sandra R. Mapel, P.E. ’88
Patrick K. Ellis P.E. ’75
Bruce Fraser P.E. ’89
Claire S. Sichko ’05 ’08
David E. Straub ’89

Term Ending 2023

Theodore R. Lozier, P.E ’83 ’89
Shane T. Kalinoski P.E. ’04
Beth Kronk, MS ’14
Beth Y. Lozier ’83 ’86 – Bio 

Term Ending 2024

Gregory E. Evans P.E. ’73, ‘74
Angela M. Trautman ’13
Emily L. Preston ’12
Jason S. Lutz ’08
Matthew B. Rehfus P.E., S.I. ’15           

Upcoming Events

Aug 06 2:00pm

28th Annual Golf Outing

Please join us for our 28th Annual Golf Outing for the Student Scholarship Fund. Format: Four Person Scramble. Beginners and experts welcome! Pair up with…